How to get rid of acne quickly

For some people acne is one of the things that is very annoying and embarrassing because it could lower the level of confidence in our common Acne can be caused by many things including food hormone stress levels and the others, By Therefore if we exposed acne we will try very hard to get the right acne cure so that it can perform a maximum of in public here we present some of the easy and quick ways to treat acne

1. use ice cubes
One of the most easy and cheap way to get rid of acne is to use ice cubes the trick is to use a cloth to hold a couple of ice cubes after cold Put on the face that the cloth let stand a couple of breakouts Repeat until the time of the acne redness diminished Remember don't push too hard or too fast because it can injure the pimples on the face and can cause infection

2. using aspirin
This is a drug that is being used to treat headache aspirin has the content of salicylic acid can reduce inflammation with peeling skin and reddish through constriction of the blood vessels, how to cope with Acne use the mark aspirin was self-defense into two parts is then added water then is applied to the parts of the breakouts allow up to 30 minutes after that, flush face

3. using toothpaste
How to get rid of acne then is to use toothpaste but not just any toothpaste because we must use a toothpaste without the mint and without fluoride
Toothpaste is one drug that is often used to address the redness of the face due to Acne this is because toothpaste contains silica can help dry up the pimples however to note here is not to be using a toothpaste containing Menthol or Mint fluoride because these materials can cause irritation on the skin

4. Use eye drops
May our hearts ask how can eye drops drugs may cure acne but do you know the drug contains tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride eye drops that can help eliminate the redness on the face due to Acne then how Here's how the trick is can grab and then squirt eye drops to the cotton and put into the freezer overnight full the next day Put the cotton acne for a few minutes ago when liquid drops of the eye absorbed into the skin so a reaction that appears there is constriction of the blood vessels while this thing that makes the redness of the pimple is much more diminished
That's the way-how to get rid of acne quickly and easily make use of goods that are all around us