How to get rid of acne with natural ingredients

Acne can be quite intimidating for some people because of the appearance of Acne can spoil the appearance of someone especially can lose confidence especially for a woman who is very concerned with appearances, therefore when acne starts hit we have to quickly find a cure so that Acne can be treated and poses no scars on the face.

Did you know there are some natural ingredients that we can use to treat acne, including the

1. Honey
Honey is known to have been very popular because of the many benefits to human health field one of them is to treat acne and then how to use honey to treat acne
How to cure acne with honey is
-Take a few drops of honey is Put at our fingertips
-Apply the honey to the breakouts then let sit to dry wait until 35 minutes later and then rinse with water

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is already commonly used by the medical field medical or beauty in the world and is believed to be one of the plants and herbs which have content which is good for the skin, and then how to use the Aloe Vera plant to heal Acne

How to cure acne with Aloe is
-prepare the leaves of Aloe Vera secukupnyalalu take flesh and cut into pieces
-then puree with a blender so that Aloe Vera gel-shaped
-then apply it on the pimples part, let sit for up to 30 minutes and then rinsed

3. Lemon
Did you know that lemon is trusted is one of the fruits that can heal acne on the face because of the lemon has a content of Ascorbic acid-Lyang beneficial for reducing inflammation in the skin especially skin breakouts and can clearing clogged pores
How to heal acne with lemon is
-take one big lemon fruit then cut into sections and then squeeze to get water after that apply on the face using a cotton swab and then let stand for up to 20 minutes after it was rinsed with warm water

4. Papaya leaves
Papaya leaves which seems to be not worthwhile turns out to have extraordinary properties to cure acne because conatins karpain compounds which contain antimicrobial
How to heal acne with papaya leaves
-take 5 pieces of papaya leaves are always cleaned after it is dried in sunlight
-when dry mashed papaya until smooth then add the water and stir to form a paste
-Then DAB on face breakouts let sit for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water

Thus the natural ingredients that turned out to be able to cure acne in our faces and the natural ingredients we get around we hope it is helpful