How to lose weight naturally and safely within 2 weeks

almost everyone is looking for ways how to lose weight easily and safely
Lose weight is needed so we have a proportional appearance. in order to have the ideal weight without having to go through the medical path like going to the doctor, taking slimming pills, liposuction, you can try how to lose weight naturally. easily and safely
before doing weight-loss program, there are some things that must be in note for the program run smoothly and achieve the expected target

first of all we have to determine the targets we want to achieve, how many kilograms it will take and how long it will take to achieve them. because without a target we do not know where the progress we can

the second is confident and optimistic that the target will be achieved, there should be no doubt in the weight loss program, because little doubt alone will slow and thwart the program to lose weight

the third is the more active activity in the weight loss program so that the weight loss program more quickly achieve the target and success

then how to lose weight easily and safely within 2 weeks?

1. Avoid stress
in the weight loss program, as much as possible we should not stress because stress can disrupt the body's metabolism and diet that can consequently thwart the weight loss program

2. drink plenty of water
water works to smooth the body's metabolism and improve digestion and also dissolve the fat, so during the weight loss program should consume more water and more often

3. Reduce the portion of food
one of the most important thing is to reduce the portion of food, because the diet program will never succeed if the portion of the food is not reduced especially containing many carbohydrates

4.perbanyak fibrous foods
food is very good to help weight loss program or diet because fiber foods can speed up metabolism and lower cholesterol
the recommended fibrous foods are fruits such as avocado, banana, papaya, corn, broccoli and brown rice

5. avoid eating over 7 pm
this one of the most important for the success of the diet program is not to eat above 7 hours of sleep let alone sleep because of the body's metabolism runs slowly in the hour so the risk of accumulation of fat in the body can occur

6. practice running
to speed up the diet program we have to do the exercise run every day at least afternoon or morning for 1 hour

that's an easy way to lose weight easily fast and safe within 2 weeks