how to treat toothache with no drugs only with natural ingredients

how to treat toothache with no drugs only with natural ingredients

toothache is one of the most annoying things because toothache can interfere with activity and make us unable to do anything.
to treat toothache we often use y drugs
ang has long-term effects that are not good for the body and can cause dependence.

do you know? we can treat a toothache only with natural ingredients available and easy in the can and of course cheap.
then what natural ingredients can we use to overcome and treat toothache?

here is a list of natural ingredients that can be used to treat toothache

1. Betel leaf

betel leaf has long been known as the best antiseptic oats that exist in nature, Betel leaf is useful as strengthen teeth and gums
, stop bleeding in the gums, eliminate bad breath, and also as a natural antiseptik.untuk treat toothache
 we can use it by chewing or boiling it then used to rinse.

2.jeruk nipis

the content of vitamin C in lime was also effective as one of the natural remedy to treat toothache, lime is also effective to eradicate bacteria in the mouth so that the health of the mouth is always awake.
to treat toothache with lemon the way is Squeeze 2 lime juice, mix with a glass of warm water and use to rinse.

3. Onion or garlic

it turns onion or garlic can also be used to cure toothache, the way is to finely pound 1 clove of red onion with a teaspoon of salt and paste on the sore teeth


Pepper is also useful as an ingredient to treat toothache because it contains antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. The trick is to mix pepper and salt, pour a little water until the form of pasta, then apply to the tooth is sick


Inside There is an antibacterial content that serves to eradicate bacteria in the mouth. The trick is to shred 1 piece of ginger. Then squeeze the water. Use ginger water to rinse gargle

that's some natural ingredients that can be used to overcome and treat toothache.