this is the cause of acne that is often not realized

acne is a very annoying that befall on someone because of its location in the face so that it can damage the appearance and reduce the confidence

here are the causes of acne that we sometimes do not realize

1. hormonal changes
the cause of the appearance of a very common acne is a hormonal change that affects a person and it is something very natural and can happen to anyone regardless of gender

2. fast food
every person must have eaten fast food that seems fine to the body but it turns out fast food has long-term effects that are not good for the body, such as can cause acne on the face. it is because of the effects of fast food content that contains a lot of fat

3. Use of excessive makeup
wear makeup for some people, especially women is very important because to support the daily activities, especially women
but did you know that excessive makeup is one cause of the emergence of acne because the content of makeup residue that sticks to the face and can menutp pores face pores that cause acne


can not deny that everyone must have problems in life that can cause pressure on the mind and finally stress and stress is what ultimately cause acne

5. Drugs
consuming certain drugs within a certain period of time also has potential